I can help you create your website. The possibilities are endless: whether or not password protected, equipped with sound, animations or video, instant messaging or bulletin board or with facilities for a discussion group or mailing list. It’s all possible and I’m willing to consider the sense and nonsense of such facilities.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization or: will Google find you?) is one of the most important facets of a website nowadays. A responsive design (does it look good on a mobile phone?) is crucial here. Both issues will be addressed in the sites I build.

I care for building of the site, but I can also host it with a provider for you, including application for a personal web address.
In all Binc sites you will have the possibility to customize and manage the content,  so you are not stuck with an expensive maintenance contract.

Take a look at previously completed projects in the portfolio

For the technically initiated: I develop with PHP, Mysql, HTML, JQuery, CSS, Yii, Ruby on Rails, Java, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Cake, Filemaker, JSP and ASP.